With today’s facilities becoming more technically advanced than ever before, the pressures put on a building’s mechanical, electrical, life safety and telecommunications systems to perform at high levels has created an increased demand for commissioning and retro-commissioning services.

At NYCS we understand every project is unique. We provides customized commissioning services to help our clients better manage, control and ultimately reduce the cost of building construction and ownership.

NYCS has a diverse portfolio of more than 300 building commissioning and retro-commissioning projects


We thoroughly review design documentation for intent, the operating protocols for operator understanding, and the maintenance strategy and construction scheduling for timely commissioning integration.

We deliver specialist services in the areas of:

• Peer Review of Systems Design
• Functional Testing of Major Systems
• Post Occupancy Commissioning
• Owner and Facility Manager Training


Retro-commissioning resolve problems that occurred during design or construction, or address problems that have developed throughout the building’s life as equipment has aged, or as building usage has changed.

With a unique understanding of systems design and operation, our team brings a high level of value and a proven reputation to the building retro-commissioning process.

NYCS team will conduct functional testing on every major building systems, from small sensors to overall control sequences, to identify problem areas that need to be retrofit. Our goal is to save cost and increase comfort. Clients can expect to see significant, verifiable benefits as a direct result of our retro-commissioning services.


We work with contractors, architects, LEED professionals, and all associated individuals to support your LEED project. The benefit of our commissioning process is not only the LEED credit, but also the proper integrated start-up of the building systems and the ability to provide the owner with useful information regarding how the building will actually operate over the long term. By providing real-time systems trending and performance logs, the owner can have a benchmark of operation for future comparison and for continuous commissioning.