NYCS offers a full range of home improvement services for residential customers. We use a BPI-certified “whole-home” or whole-building approach. This method is guaranteed to give you the most comprehensive performance for the long term.

NYCS has built successful relationships with thousands of homeowners across the region, and given rise to our reputation as a results-driven BPI Golden Star Contractor with a particular emphasis on exemplary customer service. We are uniquely qualified to deliver top-quality results at a competitive cost.

Work with NYCS, you will get:

• NO upfront cost option
• 3.49% locked in financing available
• 1 year parts and labor warrantee
• Rebate up to $4,000 (or $8,000 for 2 family)

We provide all types of home improvement services:


Working with Con Edison and State government, we provide rebates and low interest financing for income qualified home owners:

50% Rebate Income Requirement

Household Size Annual Income
1 $50750
2 $58000
3 $65250
4 $72500

50% cash back for the following:

•   High efficiency boiler and water heater
•   Insulation and air sealing
•   Energy Star windows and doors
•   Oil to gas conversion
•   Energy efficient appliances
•   and more

FREE Home Improvement

Household Size Annual Income
1 $27597
2 $36088
3 $44580
4 $53071

FREE (with no catch) for the following:

•   Insulation, air sealing and weather-stripping
•   Low water flow devices
•   CO and Smoke detector
•   Energy Star refrigerator
•   LED lights
•   and more


We provide all types of insulation services:

• Cellulose wall dense packing
• Attic open blow cellulose
• Closed cell spray foam insulation
• Rim joist insulation and air sealing
• All types of foam board and fiberglass insulation

At NYCS, we pride ourselves in using high quality Cellulose Insulation. Because of its higher R-Value and fire resistant rate, it is considered the most cost effective and energy efficient solution for lowering utility bills and keeping your home warmer and quieter.


Heating costs can take a big bite out of your home or business finances.

The efficiency of your boiler may not be something that you spend a lot of time thinking about, but it could be costing you money and comfort. If your current boiler is outdated it’s likely taking a toll on your central heating and hot water efficiency. NYCS can evaluate your present boiler and see if it is functioning at today’s standards. If it’s outdated NYCS will provide a prescription based on your home or business’s energy needs. Our installation is to make sure your commercial or residential property is working in the most energy efficient way.

Oil to Gas Conversions

Considering converting from oil to natural gas? We can help!

Converting your home’s heating system from oil to gas is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly way to reduce your home’s heating cost and improve home comfort, since natural gas is convenient, clean and less expensive.

Our customers who convert from oil to gas save an average of 30-40% annually!

From permits to installation, we take care of everything!Contact us to find out more details


Windows, doors, and skylights are significant components in the home's envelope. Ensuring they are as energy efficient as possible can save energy; reduce heating, cooling, and lighting costs; and improve the comfort of your home.

ENERGY STAR certified windows are Argon insulated and energy efficient low-emittance coated. The “Low-E” coating contains special particles that reduces heat gain in the summer and slows heat loss in the winter.

Replacement windows will also help block UV rays and even protect your furniture from sun damage and fading. And they’re much easier to maintain and clean

NYCS works with manufacture directly to provide high quality installation. We ensure that all of the windows and doors are installed air tight and insulated properly to maximize the benefit of your investment and tightness of your home.


Is your home built safe for your children? Do you concern about gas leak, mold, odd smells, drafty, sore throats? Ensure your home is safe for your family – NYCS is here to help!

NYCS provide FREE Home Inspection. Using various tools and software, we evaluate your home from the outside in, checking each room’s efficiency and safety. We’ll target your home’s problem areas and develop solutions to reduce its energy consumption.

Our Home Inspection / Energy Audit include:

• Blower door test
• Combustion Safety Test
• Gas Leakage Test
• Building Infiltration Survey
• Insulation Inspection
• Infrared Thermal imaging
• Energy Modeling
• Custom Recommendations


• High efficiency central AC
• Mini split units
• Kitchen and bathroom renovation
• Siding Replacement
• Roofing replacement

For more information, please feel free to contact us!