Our building code and law experts will guide you through every steps that may be needed to meet the requirements of law compliance.

NYCS always put clients' interests first, ensure full compliance, maximize clients' benefits, and to turn compliance into a cost-saving and revenue-positive experience for our projects.

Through a combination of high volume, sophisticated technology, and a constant consideration of how to be more efficient, we have consistently been able to deliver sophisticated, useful code and law compliance to our clients at a reasonable cost.

Local Law 87

As part of New York City’s Greener, Greater Buildings Plan, Local Law 87 requires buildings greater than 50,000 square feet to undergo energy audit and retro-commissioning every 10 years starting in 2013. Failure to submit an EER is a Major (Class 2) violation which may result in a penalty of $3000 in the first year and $5000 for each additional year until the EER is submitted to the department. The Department of Buildings will not accept any outstanding EER submission if outstanding penalties are not paid in full.

NYCS is a registered Department of Buildings energy auditing and retro-commissioning agent, authorized to conduct and submit Local Law 87 projects. As one of the leading providers of this service, NYCS has done hundreds of projects in the short time since the law came into effect in 2013. We know the law’s requirements inside-out, and have a long track record of providing cost-effective yet meaningful building improvements.

Whether you’re looking for an in depth study of your building, a major system upgrade or a straight Local Law 87 compliance, we are here to help!

Local Law 84

Created in 2009, as part of the Greener Greater Buildings Plan, Local Law 84 requires buildings that are over 50,000 square feet to benchmark their energy performance and water usage against other similar buildings in Energy Star database every year.

The deadline for submitting a benchmarking report is May 1st. If the deadline is violated, the penalty is $500 per quarter until the report is submitted. Once the fines are paid, they will stop compounding but you are still required to pay all outstanding fines.

NYCS can help you manage your benchmarking account and comply Local Law 84 at a reasonable cost.

After the benchmarking, if the building is scored close to 75, we will provide further energy improvement design to help you get Energy Star certification.

Local Law 88

LL88 requires large non-residential buildings to upgrade lighting to meet current New York City Energy Conservation Code standards, and to install electrical sub-meters for each large non-residential tenant space and provide monthly energy statements.

NYCS partner with utility provider government agencies to provide lighting design and installation, as well as meter upgrade. We usually get up to 50% rebate for lighting upgrade!


NYCS also provide

• Executive Order 88 compliance
• Façade inspection
• Asbestos inspection and removal

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